Cryptocurrency Weekly Roundup

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Crypto Platform Strike and Partner to Bring Bitcoin Buying to 65+ Countries

Crypto wallet and payment platform Strike has partnered with payment processing platform to enable Bitcoin purchases using debit cards in over 65 countries. This expansion will significantly increase access to Bitcoin for individuals and businesses worldwide.

Key Points:
● Users in over 65 countries can now buy Bitcoin directly with their debit cards using Strike.
● This partnership will expand Bitcoin adoption and accessibility.
● Strike leverages the Bitcoin Lightning Network for instant and free cross-border fiat currency payments.

Bitcoin Price Prediction as BTC Dips 2.7% to $36,000 Level – Here are Key Levels to Watch Now

Bitcoin (BTC) has experienced a slight dip in recent days, falling 2.7% to the $36,000 level. Despite this pullback, experts remain optimistic about BTC’s long-term prospects. They highlight key technical levels to watch as BTC navigates the current market conditions.

Key Points:
● Bitcoin has dipped 2.7% to the $36,000 level.
● Experts remain bullish on BTC’s long-term outlook.
● Key technical levels to watch include $34,000 and $40,000.

Fund Manager WisdomTree Reportedly Refiles Spot Bitcoin ETF to SEC

Asset management firm WisdomTree has reportedly filed a new application with the U.S.
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for a spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF).
This renewed effort comes after the SEC rejected WisdomTree’s initial spot Bitcoin ETF
application in May 2022.

Key Points:
● WisdomTree has reportedly refiled its spot Bitcoin ETF application with the SEC.
● This marks a second attempt by WisdomTree to launch a spot Bitcoin ETF.
● The SEC has previously rejected several spot Bitcoin ETF applications.

Bitcoin Price Prediction: Market Trends, CEO Insights & New Ventures in BTC

A panel of industry experts discussed Bitcoin’s price trajectory, market trends, and emerging ventures in the BTC space at a recent event. They provided valuable insights into the current state of the cryptocurrency market and shared their perspectives on BTC’s future potential.

Key Points:
● Bitcoin’s price is expected to continue its upward trend in the long term.
● Market trends indicate growing institutional adoption of Bitcoin.
● New ventures in the BTC space are expanding the ecosystem and driving innovation.

Bitcoin Prediction as Bulls Push Price Towards New Yearly Highs – Can BTC Hit $40,000 Soon?

Bitcoin bulls have been driving the price higher in recent weeks, pushing it towards new
yearly highs. Analysts believe that BTC could reach the $40,000 level soon if this bullish
momentum continues.

Key Points:
● Bitcoin bulls are driving the price towards new yearly highs.
● BTC could reach the $40,000 level if the bullish momentum continues.
● Technical indicators suggest a potential breakout to new highs.

This cryptocurrency weekly roundup provides a summary of the latest news and developments in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space. Stay informed and make informed decisions about your cryptocurrency investments.

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