Perfect Trading Screen Setup To Maximize Focus & Productivity

Perfect Trading Screen Setup To Maximize Focus & Productivity

Did you know that the way you organize your trading screen setup and lay your forex charts is an important factor?

The fact is, better and clean forex trading screen setup will allow you to think clearly and because of that, you’ll end up making better trading decisions and also this increased productivity and focus.

Today in this article you’re going to learn two main things.

  1. Why do you need Perfect Trading setup?
  2. How to create your trading environment to be productive during the day?

And as a bonus, at the end of this article, you will learn how to use Tradingview multi-chart layout for free. So that you can effectively monitor more than one currency pair. Just stick with this article.

Why Do You Need Perfect Trading Screen Setup?

Just why you need a trading setup since you can trade forex market on your laptop or even on your mobile phone?

Here’s the deal:

If you want to become a consistently profitable forex trader, you need to treat trading as a business for that having a clean and inspiring trading setup is a real booster.

Not only this increase your productivity and focus, but this also inspires you to become a better trader every day.

Okay, Let’s start by taking my trading setup. Here is my trading screen setup.

My Forex trading screen  setup

I’m a student. I study software engineering while trading forex full-time. Also, I’m a blogger and I like writing that is why you read Trade Revenue Pro Blog, isn’t it.

So as you guys can see, I lay all of the charts on a right-side monitor. That monitor is only for monitoring charts.

On the left-side monitor, I usually keep two things.

  1. Metatrader 4 (MT4) to execute trades. and,
  2. My Trading Journal

Whenever a trading opportunity is present on Right-side monitor I opened MT4 on the left-side monitor for executions.

Just like whenever a trade closed on I opened my trade journal and record it on there. Just like I keep everything in a well-organized manner.

The next reason behind the triple monitor trading setup is my trading frequency. 

I usually trade on 10 currency pairs and among these 10 currency pairs, I have trade opportunities on 2 to 5 pairs every day, So I have to keep my focus on these pairs at once. That is why I lay all available trading opportunities on the right-side monitor.

So what is the purpose of the middle monitor? 

Since I’m in a software field, I have to work with coding stuff while trading. So I use the middle monitor for that purpose. Whenever I have a project, I fire up VSCode and other required applications on the middle screen and I do my work until a trade opportunity is present.

Also, on my desk, I always keep my notebook where I keep my to-do list and to note down special trading activities that happened during the day like trading mistakes or any kind of emotional mistakes and so on.

Beside my notebook, I keep a book to read. Some times when I’m with less workload, I usually read that book while focusing on the market as well.

So this is why I need a triple monitor trading setup. When I’m outside the home I still can use my laptop for trading purpose.

But since I focusing on three main areas (Blogging, Software development and forex trading), It’s great to have three monitors. It actually helps me to stay focus and work in a productive manner.

See, Before deciding on a trading screen setup, First, you have to find out,

  1. What is your trading personality (Am I a day trader or swing trader)?
  2. What is your trading frequency? 
  3. How I manage my trading with my day to day stuff?

Find answers to these questions and I am pretty sure that you will find out what kind of trading setup you might need.


Let’s move on to the next topic,

How to Create Your Trading Environment to be Productive During the Day?

Now assume that you have a perfect trading screen setup.

Next, The question is:

How Can You Keep Your Watch List and keep track of currency pairs?

Here is the Step by Step Process to Build an Effective Watch List on Tradingview For Free.

First head over to and fire up your chart. (If you don’t have an account open a free account then open your chart).

Click watchlist icon to open and close watchlist panel,

How to create a watchlist in forex

Have a look at the sample watchlist below, That is how we are going to arrange our watchlist.

forex trading screen setup

As you guys can see in the above watchlist, I separate currency pairs based on what happens in the markets. The first section is for open positions, The Second section is for future trading opportunities, The third section show currency pairs which are OB (over-bought), OS (over-sold) and finally pairs section.

So how to separate watchlist in Tradingview like this?

Simple, Have look at the GIF below.

How to create a watchlist in tradingview

There you have it.

Next, let’s see how to layout your forex chart.

Trading Screen Setup Layout in Trading view

In Tradingview you have to buy their membership to monitor multiple charts in one window and Yeah, It’s expensive.

But fortunately, there is a simple and Free way to monitor multiple charts in one window using a simple trick.

Here is what I’m talking about.

how to layout your forex charts

Let’s see how to do this.

First, go ahead and download Vivaldi browser here and install it. Then open the Vivaldi browser and load your Tradingview charts.
Now Right-click on Tab and click the clone button.

Trading screen setup for forex

This will duplicate the currently open tab. Do this 4 times until you get 4 tabs. 

Then again Right-click on the first tab and select Stack Tabs By Host.

How to monitor charts in forex

Finally again right-click on the tab and select Tile Tab Stack.

Forex chart mutiple chart in one window

That’s it. Now you have 4 Chart open in one window without losing any of Tradingview features.

Go ahead and change currency pair, Timeframe and add indicators. Customize it in a way want.

Is that all? No. Wait.

You can save this 4 Tab Layout and use it again and again without going through the whole process again. 

Let’s see how to do this.

First Right-click on the Tab and select Save 4 Selected Tabs as Session. Give it a name and Save.

Save the Chart Layout

Now, this layout is saved. Let’s see how to open this layout again. Keep in mind that, After Re-opening Vivaldi, usually you will have your chart layout without losing it. But if it is lost we can easily restore it because we saved it early.

Let’s see how to do this.

Go ahead and Open Vivaldi and click on the Vivaldi logo located in the top left corner and select File > Open Saved Session.

Open saved Sessions

After that select your saved session and click open.

Open trading session

Finally again right-click on the tab and select Tile Tab Stack.

Forex chart mutiple chart in one window

By doing that you will get the chart layout like below.

how to layout your forex charts

Now think about for a moment, with well-organized watchlist and organized chart layout your focus level and the productivity is gonna increase, right?

Also with this kind of forex trading screen setup, The market analysis time will also be going to cut down drastically. 

Next, think about the time that you feel frustration and anxiety when analysing lots of currency pairs and monitoring them. With this trading screen setup, all of these problems are going to solve, right?

This is why a well-organized and clean trading environment is crucial if you want to treat trading as a business and eventually become a consistently profitable forex trader.


Your trading setup needs to have a purpose. As an example, I use my triple monitor trading setup because I have to work with other stuff while trading.

I saw lots of traders, especially social media traders, with 6 to 8 monitor setups. Some of them are truly used those monitors. 

But the majority of those social media traders use those monitor setup with their wife’s tablet and Big TV running CNBC, Bloomberg (Those channels are nothing to do with forex) for only show up purposes.

They actually don’t need that many monitors. But they think having such big trading spaceship eventually make them professional forex traders.

And they forget that Trading strategy, Emotional management, Risk and Money management all of these factors are going to distribute your trading success.

Hence just like you keep your trading screen setup clean and organized, Make sure to stay organized in yourself as well.

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Finally, focus on what you want to focus like you trading plan rules and Risk management.

I hope you found something useful in this guide If so let others know about this valuable trading tip by sharing this post around the social media. This also helps us to grow and keep these articles publish here consistently.

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