Pionex dual investment Step by step guide.

pionex dual investment

Pionex dual investment is one of the safest ways to trade cryptocurrency. Because in pionex dual investment you are guaranteed an interest rate. depending on the contract’s target price, you receive cryptocurrency or a stable coin, so you never lose your money.

Especially in sideways markets, dual investment is far better than holding the coins or staking the coins for less interest.

Pionex platform offers better dual investment plans with high interest than other trading platforms. Since KYC is optional it is very convenient for all users.

In this article, you find step by step guide to pionex dual investment, and you can get a free 2500 $ to start a dual investment plan by opening a pionex account by clicking this link https://www.pionex.com/en-US/get-trial-fund/moB6xLa1

for more details watch this video with step by step guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNnWDq4ZYnk

Step 01 : 

Click this link and open a pionex account to get a free 2500$: https://www.pionex.com/en-US/get-trial-fund/moB6xLa1

Then you will come to this page.

Pionex dual investment

then click on ‘ get free trial fund ‘ then you will find this window

Pionex dual investment trial fund

then you can sign up using your mobile phone or email.

after signing up, you will come to this page.

Pionex dual investment

then click on get free trial fund.

then click on the earn tab, and then click trail fund.

click on ‘get free trail fund ‘ tab on next two windows.

then on next page select your favorite investment plane.

then click on ‘ Buy ‘

Then when you click on ‘current orders ‘ on my order section you can see your current dual investment plan.

so, to get free 2500 $ worth of coins click this link and register on pionex : https://www.pionex.com/en-US/get-trial-fund/moB6xLa1

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